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Fleet Detailing and Maintenance Services: Keeping Your Fleet in Prime Condition

Why Choose Our Fleet Services?

1. Mobile Convenience: We Come to You!

  • Our team of skilled technicians brings the detailing and maintenance services directly to your business location.

  • No need to disrupt your operations or send vehicles elsewhere—we handle everything on-site.

2. Water and Power Self-Sufficiency: How It Works

  • Our specialized mobile vans are equipped with their own water supply and power source.

  • We don’t rely on your facilities; instead, we bring everything we need to get the job done efficiently.

3. Comprehensive Fleet Detailing: What We Offer

  • Exterior Cleaning:

    • Thorough hand washing to remove dirt, grime, and road salt.

    • Paint decontamination and clay bar treatment for a smooth finish.

    • Application of high-quality wax or ceramic coating for long-lasting protection.

    • Tire cleaning and dressing.

  • Interior Detailing:

    • Vacuuming and steam cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and mats.

    • Interior surface wipe-down and conditioning.

    • Odor removal for a fresh and inviting cabin.

  • Glass and Mirror Treatment:

    • Window ceramic coating for optimal visibility, easy cleaning, snow removal and anti-fogging.

4. Fleet Maintenance: Beyond Detailing

  • Regular maintenance ensures your fleet performs at its best:

    • Fluid Checks: Oil, coolant, brake fluid, and more.

    • Tire Inspections: Proper inflation, tread depth, and alignment.

    • Battery Testing: Avoid unexpected breakdowns.

    • Lighting and Electrical Checks: Functional headlights, taillights, and signals.

5. Benefits for Your Business:

  • Professional Image: Impress clients and stakeholders with a well-maintained fleet.

  • Cost Savings: Prevent costly repairs and extend vehicle lifespan.

  • Driver Satisfaction: Happy drivers lead to better productivity.

  • Compliance: Meet safety and environmental standards.

Ready to Elevate Your Fleet? Contact Us!

Whether you manage a delivery fleet, service vehicles, or corporate cars, our fleet detailing and maintenance services ensure reliability, longevity, and a polished appearance.  Services include semis and trailers, utility vans, dealerships and more. Schedule an appointment today and experience the Xclusive difference!

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