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Our Services

Let the Xclusive Team come to your home or place of work with our Mobile Detailing Service, and rest assured while your car is handled with care!

Ask about our custom weekly/biweekly wash service.


Below are pictures of past clients from Auto Detailing, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, Headlight Restoration, Caliper Painting, Wheel Painting, Head Lighting Tinting, Tail Light Tinting, Window Tinting, Mobile Window Tinting, Windshield Tinting, Full Car Plasti Dipping and Vinyl Wrapping.


All auto customs and detailing jobs are accessed in teams of 2-3 people. 

Ceramic Coatings
Wrap it/
Dip it
Caliper Painting
Tinting Tail Lights
Tinted Lights
Tinting Lights
Window Tinting
Mobile Window Tinting
Window Tinting
Plasti Dip
Plasti Dip Navigator
Vinyl Wrapped Roof
Wrap it! Wrapped roof and spoiler
Mobile Auto Detail
Auto Detail
Mobile Auto Detailing
Ceramic Coating
Mobile Detail
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