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XD Tire Guard is a premium tire shine solution designed to give your tires a long-lasting, glossy finish. Our unique formula not only enhances the look of your tires but also provides a protective layer that guards against harmful elements like dirt, grime, and UV rays.


Here's what makes XD Tire Guard stand out:


 **Deep Shine**: Our advanced formula gives your tires a rich, high-gloss shine that lasts. Your tires will look freshly detailed every time.


**Durable Protection**: XD Tire Guard forms a protective barrier on your tires, guarding against the effects of the road and the environment. -


**Easy to Apply**: With its spray-on application, XD Tire Guard is easy to use. Just spray, let it dry, wipe and you're good to go!

XD Tire Guard

SKU: 364215376135191
  • A premium tire & trim dressing used to restore high gloss shine. Professional vinyl and plastic coating that is great for use on automotive trim, leaving behind a “Like New” appearance.  Waterproof for longer lasting protection. Contains silicone do not use in body shops

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